Drive Tangible Cloud ROI with the Moneta Financial Technology Platform

The robust, AI-powered software platform helps Finance gain control of Cloud spend.

The platform uses AI to automate the identification and implementation of cost savings.

It makes it easy for Finance to make better-informed Cloud-spend decisions.

Leverage Moneta’s managed services to get the most out of your investment.

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Moneta Helps Us Offer a Unique, Comprehensive Cloud FinOps Service

“Our collaboration with Moneta enables us to guide our clients in navigating their Cloud financial management with more clarity and confidence.”

Todd McKinnon, Leader of the Cloud FinOps practice, Tanner LLC

A Comprehensive Approach to Finance-led Cloud FinOps


The Financial Technology Platform addresses the critical dimensions of managing Cloud spend:



Visibility & Forecasting

Finance can finally code Cloud transactions that align with their financial reporting systems, accurately forecast Cloud spend and make sound business decisions related to Cloud spend.


Cost Optimization

Leveraging new visibility and benchmarking, companies can secure significant discounts without compromising operational effectiveness, ensure resources are utilized efficiently, and keep costs in check.



With newfound insights, companies can implement policies to enforce best practices and prevent wasteful spending, establishing better governance over the Cloud.

Controlling Could spend is a critical challenge for many CFOs

Today, engineering teams manage most Cloud infrastructure. Moneta moves Cloud spend accountability to Finance.

  • With Moneta, Finance can see exactly where they have opportunities to eliminate wasteful spending
  • With an easy-to-use dashboard scorecard, Finance and Engineering can pinpoint how Cloud resource utilization can optimized
  • AI-powered automation drives greater business efficiency

Make better-informed Cloud-spend decisions


Moneta helps Finance lead the way in developing effective Cloud FinOps


Moneta helps Finance lead the way in developing effective Cloud FinOps.Monetawebsite-17

There's no longer a need to:

  • Rely on engineering teams to interpret lengthy, convoluted Cloud invoices
  • Create extensive, custom reporting and conduct in-depth data analysis
  • Be an expert in the Cloud