Empowering finance to control and optimize Cloud spend

Moneta provides finance with the expertise and tools to manage Cloud spend

We provide the only software solution and managed services designed specifically for finance to understand, predict, and manage organizations’ cloud spending and drive tangible ROI for their organizations’ investments in Cloud services. 

Leadership Team

Experienced software, finance, and technology leaders.

Shan Edwards

Founder and CEO

Moneta was founded by Shan Edwards, a CPA and avid trail runner who loves exploring the Wasatch mountain range near his home in Utah. With over ten years of experience working in Cloud services, Shan understands the complexities companies face when maximizing their Cloud ROI. His passion for the Cloud and finances drove him to launch Moneta.

The team at Moneta is dedicated to helping finance professionals become Cloud Finance Leaders. With years of experience in the industry, we understand the unique challenges finance professionals face when it comes to the Cloud.

That’s why we’re committed to providing expert guidance, technology tools, and support every step of the way, helping provide business-impacting skills. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help finance professionals accelerate business growth through the efficient use of Cloud technologies.


Sharon Spooler


Sharon is passionate about helping technology companies succeed by developing and executing marketing and business strategies to accelerate growth. With a background spanning data science, engineering, marketing, and leadership development, Sharon analyzes data and trends to inform marketing strategy and lead the systems and change management elements of implementation.

She has worked closely with many startups and corporate leadership teams and has the marketing, product management, and analytics expertise to deliver successful growth strategies. Sharon brings clarity to the ROI and sales impact of marketing programs while ensuring those tactics align with the overall business strategy.


Robert Scott

Technology Advisor

Robert Scott is a passionate, innovative, solution-oriented, and customer-obsessed executive with more than 15 years of leadership experience building Software Engineering teams from the ground up.  He brings Moneta hands-on experience leading talented teams that develop technologies, pragmatic processes, and security best practices that balance security, quality, and service availability.




We are dedicated to empowering accounting and finance professionals with the expertise and tools necessary to navigate and optimize Cloud spend. We specialise in finance Cloud-based solutions and services that enable finance professionals to engage in decisions about Cloud spend.


By facilitating engagement between finance professionals and engineering teams that are the main users of the Cloud, we help improve the ROI of Cloud spend. We are committed to elevating the role of finance professionals to Cloud Finance Leaders.


We empower finance and accounting professionals to excel with Cloud FinOps solutions and services. Cloud technology is critical, and it's essential that financial professionals possess the skills and knowledge to manage it effectively. Our solutions and services help finance gain confidence, make informed decisions, and contribute to their organization's overall success.

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